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On Slow Life

Dear Wendy,
I love your string on the pine table.

I lost my home in a short sale in Ukiah. I have my old kitchen table and old Irish pine hutch and other homey stuff in a storage unit up there. I make pilgrimages to get things as I need them and I always spend a few minutes just to sit peacefully in the storage unit surrounded by my stuff. It's not fancy stuff. It's just my stuff and, like you wrote so beautifully, I've spilled a lot of my life on that furniture.

A year of chemo. (1999)
Dogs and cats
Friends, some still around and some long gone.
Nightmare jobs
Moves from Silicon Valley to west Sonoma to Mendocino and back to Sonoma.

Now in Healdsburg, I'm getting back on my feet – three years since the short sale. I live in a tiny granny unit with a low ceiling, a garage, (and my storage unit.)
Someday maybe I'll have a kitchen again. But I'm keeping that table – I've thought of down sizing. But now, since I read your blog, I won't. I can't get another table that remembers all this.


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